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GPS car tracking open server

GPS car tracking open server
GPS car tracking open server
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GPS car tracking open server
GPS car tracking open server
GPS car tracking open server
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Gt06n Car Tracking Device

 Want to know all the details about your car?

 Where is it?

 How fast is it?

 Do you hear what is happening in the air?

 And not just like that, no

 You will also be able to cancel your car from anywhere in the world through your mobile phone

 The device will also ring on you immediately, in the event of a cable being cut in the car, theft of the car, or the battery being stolen.

 I am still waiting for the features, sincerely

 You will set a speed for the car to walk on

 It will specify a geographical area for Arabic, and if you return to speed, you will receive a warning

 When the contact opens, you will receive a warning

 And when it closes, an alarm will come to you

 You will be able to know from the re-track feature (playback)

 Where was the car, and I stood for how many times, and for how many minutes did I stand?

 And you have consumed any gasoline

 I mean, you will stay under your eyes for a long time, there is no talk

 You still have to install a GPS

 Determine the maximum speed of the car and send an alert when it is overrun.

 Determine the geographical range that the car is allowed to drive inside and send an alert when it is exceeded.

 Put three emergency numbers in case the car is stolen or endangered, call the three numbers for help.

 Equipped with an internal battery that lasts for 3 days.

 Send a warning message and call in case the battery or device is disconnected.

short description
short description GPS car tracking open server

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