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Toyota Avanza Android Screen - 2010-2015

Toyota Avanza Android Screen - 2010-2015
Toyota Avanza Android Screen - 2010-2015
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Toyota Avanza Android Screen - 2010-2015

Quad Core 1.6 GHZ processor


32 GB internal memory

- Android 10

10-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 * 600 HD thermal touch


Built in (gps /Radio/Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi /Hotspot/2 USB)

Supports Mirror link (connect with android phone/iphone)

Supports playback of most video formats (mkv/flv/avi/dvix/mepg/mp4/wma) and 1080p

- Possibility to operate a camera and video output for the scammer

Supports the operation of Google play store services

- Gmail / YouTube / whatsapp / face book

Supports more than one language

Plug-and-socket installation without cutting any wires in the car, ready for installation

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short description Toyota Avanza Android Screen - 2010-2015

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